Removable Stickers


ALL of our label sizes are offered in the Removable (Single Use) vinyl!! Just leave a note in your order saying you want Removable (Single Use) vinyl!

Our Removable (Single Use) labels are waterproof & weatherproof. They will hold up through heavy duty (and toddler throwing) use, and you can peel them off easily with no residue.

Many childcare facilities require that parents label everything the child brings to school. Our versatile and extremely durable customized labels will make your job much easier. We developed a vinyl label that has is waterproof, and an adhesive that is easy to peel up at the end of the day. We believe that using these Removable (Single Use) Labels will decrease the amount of time it takes to get your child ready for school each day drastically. All you have to do is fill in the blanks & if necessary, circle whether the bottle contains formula, breast milk, or cow’s milk. Then stick it on the bottle & send it off to school with your child! When you bring it home in the evening, peel up the label, wash the bottle & it is ready for a new Removable Date Label!!!

Other great uses for these include labeling bottles, sippy cups, books, toys, eating utensils, lunch boxes, plates, bowls, or really anything you don’t want to get lost when you are out with friends! One of my favorite ways to use these is for extra food that I have put in the freezer. After a few weeks, and a lot of frost-I have no idea which tupperware has spaghetti & which has beef stew! Now I just put a label that has a line to write what the food is & a line for date so I can easily see how old the item is!!

*This Label looks best aligned to the left. Therefore, your final product will be aligned left like the example below.

Logo Generator

Step 1

Graphic Style

Graphic Style Preview

Font Customization

Step 2

Click the “Center” button to finalize your design before generating your proof.

Step 3

Click the “Generate” button to view your sticker proof. You will not be able to Add To Cart until you "Generate" a proof.

Please be sure to double check the spelling on your label preview. Your labels will be printed with the spelling you submit.

Label Preview

Please be patient as you switch through the different options. Our system has to re-render your design with each change.

Graphic Preview

Label Text

Notice: The label preview shown here does not represent the final product. This label preview is a proof that will be perfected in our laboratory and delivered to you in stunning quality. Exact alignment & spacing will be perfected prior to shipping your labels.


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