Stick On Clothing Labels


These labels hold up well through many many washes in the washing machine on any setting. 

When you are required to purchase expensive uniforms, it can be extremely frustrating when your child comes home with someone else’s jacket or sweater; it is even worse of a feeling when they do not come home with one at all. Rest assured, we have a great solution to make you feel more at ease, by using the custom school uniform clothing tag labels!

Don’t ruin your child’s expensive clothes by writing in them with permanent markers! Use these customized labels on the laundry care tags inside the piece of clothing to mark your child’s belongings. The best part, is that the labels do not have to be bland and boring, we have tons of images and fonts to choose from to make them as unique as your child is!!

These are a great solution to keep up with your expensive private school uniforms; when you are ready to sell them to one of your friends or back to the school consignment, you can remove the label! This is the perfect solution for private school parents.

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Click the “Center” button to finalize your design before generating your proof.

Step 3

Click the “Generate” button to view your sticker proof. You will not be able to Add To Cart until you "Generate" a proof.

Please be sure to double check the spelling on your label preview. Your labels will be printed with the spelling you submit.

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Please be patient as you switch through the different options. Our system has to re-render your design with each change.

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Notice: The label preview shown here does not represent the final product. This label preview is a proof that will be perfected in our laboratory and delivered to you in stunning quality. Exact alignment & spacing will be perfected prior to shipping your labels.